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As you know, one of the ways to enter the island of Northern Cyprus is to get a student visa.
This island welcomes dear students with open arms. With more than 12 universities with various disciplines, Northern Cyprus is an excellent way for students.
It should be noted that the cost of Cypriot universities is in Euros and Dollars.
One of the advantages of Cyprus universities is that you do not need to present an IELTS degree, and once you take the English entrance exam of any university and pass it, you can easily continue your studies.
All universities in Northern Cyprus have a valid degree and can study in European or American countries.
In other words, it is much easier to continue your education from Cyprus to other countries.
The universities of Northern Cyprus are basically of high quality and facilities.
They always include programs such as New Year celebrations, Halloween celebrations, concerts, festivals, and even Yalda or Nowruz celebrations in their work schedule.
The financial sector can be a significant concern for an immigrant.
The island of Northern Cyprus is a cost-effective option for students as the annual or monthly fees of the universities of Northern Cyprus are small compared to other European universities.
Also, dear students know that the universities of this country have provided a 20 to 70 percent scholarship for all their international students following the student's conditions, which will deduct a significant part of the student's tuition, and even the student can study in the course. The masters become assistant professors, resulting in 70% of the student's education being deducted or the entire tuition-free.
The cost of living in this country is in lira, and there is also no law on limited working hours for students. They can balance their studies and work with the employer's consent and time management. Know that students need to know Turkish (Istanbul) to work on the island of Cyprus, but some jobs can be done in English because the people of Cyprus are mainly in English. After all, the island is a tourist destination. They are fully acquainted.

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One of the things that a student should consider is a dormitory or home. Students should refer to the relevant section of their university or ask through the support of the university website to find out the cost of accommodation. But in the case of a house, the cost of renting a house on the island in Northern Cyprus is charged to the tenant in 3 currencies: pounds, dollars, and lira.

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You should keep in mind that cities like Lefkoniko or Famagusta usually charge a rent of six months or a year together from their tenants, and this is part of the rules of these cities. Of course, these conditions can be turned into a monthly payment by agreement between the landlord and the tenant, but in cities like Kyrenia, rents are received monthly and do not include the six-month or one-year law.


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