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We all know that one of the human’s first needs in order to have a comfortable life is dwelling. It is good to know that having a residence has a direct relation to the people's social health. It may have happened to you as well, that you are not satisfied with your house or apartment which you are currently living in and also a house with low quality could affect your both mental and physical health. North Cyprus with plenty of luxurious, modern properties with beautiful landscapes, suitable with any taste, could be your answer to your needs. Properties from the shoreline to the heart of the mountains. It is both an honor and privilege for the Tliman Company to consult you in this field.

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North Cyprus with its spectacular landscapes and beautiful nature has a variety of properties. Buying a property on this lovely island is the easiest way to get residency. It is also a good opportunity to invest in the property market, since this island is improving day after day.

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Tliman’s luxurious collection of properties suits any taste and it would fulfill your dream. In order to choose the best property, we would like to offer you a free tour containing visiting the projects and introducing North Cyprus. If you have any questions, you can contact our advisors.


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