Luxurious apartment two bedroom apartment the nearest place

L u x u r i o u s   a p a r t m e n t
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Dream project in cyprus

D r e a m   p r o j e c t
i n   c y p r u s

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2 years

A luxurious project with a perfect view of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea.The land of this project is located next to the Mediterranean sea and strategically, it is considered one of Kyrenia's most valuable lands, because of its good weather and tourism. The thing that made this project so fascinating is the beautiful view of the green mountains from the south side and the mesmerising view of the sea from the north side. Facilities: ‍Public Pool & Private Pool in each villa. Green Area. Payment Plan: 50% Key Delivery. Rest in free-interest instalments For more info, DM us or contact us via our WhatsApp

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