Luxurious apartment A multi-bedroom apartment the nearest place

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Dream project in cyprus

D r e a m   p r o j e c t
i n   c y p r u s

Terms of payment

30 %

3 years

A different and luxurious project with facilities just like a hotel.This project is located between mountains and the Mediterranean sea with a perfect view, in the greenest area in North Cyprus. The land of this project is 16,000 square meters and it is considered one of the most valuable lands in North Cyprus. Facilities:* Public and private pool* Bar and restaurant* Gym* Spa* Sound and heat insulation* Bathroom floor heating system* Private outdoor area* 24-hour securit
Construction Date: April 2022 Project Delivery Time: 36 months You can obtain North Cyprus residency (visa) for yourself and your family by paying only 35%. The rest is in long-term free interest instalments.

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