Luxurious apartment A multi-bedroom apartment the nearest place

L u x u r i o u s   a p a r t m e n t
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Dream project in cyprus

D r e a m   p r o j e c t
i n   c y p r u s

Terms of payment


4 years

The only ready-to-move-in project with a complete view of Kyrenia city. Kyrenia is known as the most luxurious and prettiest city in North Cyprus. It is also famous among tourists.This beautiful project is located at the centre of Kyrenia and it is perfect in terms of accessibility to stores, markets and the main road. One of the unique things about this project is that it offers you a payment with 4-year instalments without any interest.Facilities:Public Pool Indoor Pool Gym 24 Hours Security Market Children's Playground Double Elevator Studio 1+1 2+1 3+1 Penthouse

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