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Buy Apartment in north cyprus


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Residence permit north cyprus
Residence permit north cyprus

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Turkey Tliman-K02

Turkey Tliman-K04

North Cyprus Tliman-S01

North Cyprus Tliman-N02

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North Cyprus Tliman-B23

North Cyprus Tliman-B12

North Cyprus Tliman-B07

North Cyprus Tliman-N03

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North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


North Cyprus


Mr.Richard Javadi
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News AND MediA
Tliman, The Land of Innovation
08 Sep
Registrations are still ongoing
09 Aug
Cyprus International University's 50-70% scholarship
04 Aug
Party at Eastern Mediterranean University
01 Aug
Tliman's New Member
28 Jul
Up to 100% scholarship
27 Jul
Shopping Mall in Kyrenia
25 Jul
Registring students in Doğa International Schools has now begun
21 Jul
Peace and Freedom Day
20 Jul
The biggest Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in the whole of Europe, North Cyprus
15 Jul
La Nouba of Kyrenia
13 Jul
Applying for fall semester 2022
12 Jul
Happy Kurban
08 Jul
Tirgan Festival
05 Jul
Press Release
27 Jun
Graduation Ceremony of North Cyprus International University Students
27 Jun
Hard exercises for the ideal weight
24 Jun
Saeed Ganji's exercise session with Tliman
22 Jun
Signing an official contract between Saeed Ganji and Tliman
22 Jun
Girne American University's Students' Graduation
20 Jun
Another innovation from Tliman Lyx Company regarding support of athletes
18 Jun
The Picnic Festival of Girne American University
16 Jun
NEU's Scholarship
15 Jun
It's Over
13 Jun
Tliman's Hot and Special Summer Tour
09 Jun
Another Honor for Tliman Co
07 Jun
Mr Reza Khalili and the investment's circumstances in North Cyprus
06 Jun
CIU Announcement
04 Jun
The Bests in One Place
03 Jun
Tliman and Visiting Projects with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce
02 Jun
A meeting between Tliman Lyx's Manager and the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce
02 Jun
Chairman of the Iran-Sweden Chamber of Commerce in Kyrenia
01 Jun
An invitation by Tliman Lyx from the esteemed chairman of the Iran-Sweden Chamber of Commerce
30 May
Happy Khordadgan Day
27 May
Tliman and the city of Sun
26 May
Cyprus International University
25 May
Tliman Beside the River
23 May
Legend's Son Atila and North Cyprus!
23 May
Proper Consulting, Better Improvement
20 May
Tliman B, The Sunny Heaven!
19 May
Happy Youth Day!
19 May
Expert met Experienced
17 May
Success is a choice!
14 May
Cyprus International University Spring Festival
13 May
Tliman's Spring Tour
12 May
Eid al-Fitr
02 May
Labor Day
01 May
Strawberry Festival
30 Apr
National Sovereignty and Children's Day
23 Apr
Easter Sunday
17 Apr
fire broke out this morning
13 Apr
Cyprus without having to do a PCR test
08 Mar
Opening new office in Sweden
23 Feb
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